The Delft Health Experience group (HEX) is a multi disciplinary research group established within the intelligent systems department of the TU Delft. The HEX group is currently involved in a number of initiatives on the national level in the Netherlands with local municipalities and health providers.

The group also works with different industry partners on the EU level on health care related projects. One of the main topics we are engaged in right now is assisting seniors in sustaining their independent lifestyle as they age. By using technology to assist them in overcoming their daily challenges, the aim is to improve their life quality and at the same time ease the burden of care from the formal caregivers.

HEX Network

Besides being a multidisciplinary group, HEX cooperates with partners with different expertise and backgrounds. The solutions we envision are only possible if we work together with healthcare providers, policy makers and other parties. Our approach is therefore to work closely with all the parties involved in each of our scientific projects.